Yoga has saved my life, so many times, in so many ways. The practice is an incredibly rich way to learn about ourselves. It gives us an entry to who we are, and how we navigate through all of life’s ups and downs. It teaches us to respond instead of just reacting.

I love to facilitate connections. Introducing friends to others who will add depth and quality to their life experience brings me joy; I strive to do the same in yoga class, creating an environment where students can drop below the layers of habit and distraction in order to connect more fully with who they really are and with their more expansive nature.

Through creative sequencing, students take a journey in my classes. They learn about alignment and the subtle body and breath in order to be transported into new territory and possibility. Regulating the nervous system through asana, meditation, and restorative yoga is endlessly fascinating to me, and I include all of these tools in my teaching.

Teaching and sharing yoga has been my passion for 20 years. I graduated from the Advanced Studies Program at Piedmont Yoga in Oakland, CA. I have been greatly influenced by many of my teachers including (and not limited to) Richard Rosen, Rodney Yee, Judith Lasater, and Tony Briggs.

I have been on the core faculty at Piedmont Yoga since 2007. In addition, I teach for a few other local and international training programs and offer restorative yoga immersions and adaptive trainings for teachers who work with students with movement disorders. I have been honored to teach classes for people with Parkinson's Disease since 2008. Working with these students has expanded my skills as a teacher and expanded my mind to the power of the practice of yoga.


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