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300 Hour Teacher Training


with Vickie Russell Bell, Abby Tucker, Ada Lusardi, and Melina Meza

The Namaste 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is a combination of intensive study, hands-on practice, and deep inquiry allowing you to refine your vision and take your teaching to the next level.

Craft your professional career with guidance from the Bay Area’s most seasoned and successful yoga teachers. Our 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training faculty members each carry a unique perspective and expertise resulting in a balanced and detailed training experience.

Learn in both large and small group settings and expect one-on-one attention and feedback. Our instructors will help you articulate your beliefs and style into a teaching methodology that is authentically yours. Enhance your existing skill set and stand out as a knowledgeable and qualified leader.

Join us this year and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of expert yoga teaching.

Our program will cover all of the topics essential to refining your skills and cultivating your career:

  •      Precision in alignment principles, verbal and hands-on cueing
  •      A deepened understanding of human anatomy and how various body types experience asana
  •      Therapeutic applications of yoga
  •      Depth of study of the history of yoga and honoring the origins of practice
  •      How to embody philosophy and mythology in modern context
  •      How to sequence with purpose and develop curriculum
  •      Hours of practice teaching with feedback
  •      Empowering your own personal perspective and voice as a teacher
  •      Business strategy and development, including a professional photo shoot

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